Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dr. Jones vs. Dr. Pepper vs. Axl

I really like to drink Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper was the first soda that I ever had and also the last (today at lunch with a Philly cheese-steak sandwich). It is the King of Sodas and deservedly so. I realize that part of my love for this grand beverage stems from growing up in Texas, where it is always an option at restaurants and drive-ins, and going to college in Waco, TX the birthplace of the good doctor. I enjoy the culture around the drink, but when asked why I love it so I will simply answer "the taste!" I also enjoy the Indiana Jones movies, and they have long been on my top 10 list of favorite films. I would not go as far as calling Indiana Jones the Dr. Pepper of movies, but the pictures are very enjoyable indeed. As a kid the movies inspired me to adventure and still when I hear the theme music by the incomparable John Williams I get a little chill. Finally two things I love have joined forces to fight thirst and evil. As the latest installment of the Indiana Jones pictures nears (MAY 22nd) we in LA are being bombarded with ads. One huge promotion is a joint effort/contest with Dr. Pepper. The ads boast a 1:6 chance of winning something from Dr. Pepper. All you have to do is buy a Dr. Pepper product and then go online and type in the code to see if you've won. Some of the prizes are exotic vacations to the locations that the Indiana Jones movies are set in; other prizes include free Burger King meals, movie posters, t-shirts (Seriously, when has anyone ever been excited about a promotional t-shirt?), and finally free Dr. Pepper. Free Dr. Pepper is not a new concept by any stretch, the other day at lunch I asked if anybody remembered Twist-a-Pepper, my friend Pete did and he even reminded me how great the odds were in that promotion. Pete and I both grew up in Texas so there is a good chance that this promotion only existed there. Basically this is how it worked: Buy a bottle of Dr. Pepper (with a yellow cap), twist off the top and then read the under side of the cap. The cap either said you win a free Dr. Pepper or you don't. Then you could take that cap and trade it in for a free DP. That's it. No online typing (of course there was not much Internet usage going on at that time). It was simple and fantastic. Plus as Pete pointed out, it was really easy to win. I even had a bowl full of winning caps at my house growing up. When I was thirsty I would grab a cap and go to the store to get a free one, and normally win another free one (come to think of it; maybe that is why they quit the promotion). BRING BACK TWIST-A-PEPPER.

I did a search on Google to see if there were any other folks calling for the return of Twist-A-Pepper and found nothing, so maybe I'm the only one. I did however run across the most bizarre news story about Dr. Pepper and pop culture. Apparently the good folks at DP have asked former Guns-N-Roses front man Axl Rose (in an official press release) to please finally release his album Chinese Democracy instead of just talking about it. Apparently the album has been in the works since 1993 or something like that. Earlier this year Dr. Pepper vowed to give every American a single can of their product if Axl releases the album within this year. the greatest thing about this little story is that Dr. Pepper is in no way connected to Axl Rose (or so they say), they are just asking Axl to put up or shut up. I love it. I hope he does, I hope I get a free Dr. Pepper, I hope that it is a Twist-A-Pepper, and I hope I win another free one. Below is the link to the DR-GNR story.

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Valerie Sartwell said...

Wow Twist-a-Pepper. One of the great things in life that somehow always remain dormant in your memory waiting for those moments to re-surface...